Roxborough Music Festival 2015

This poster was created to promote a music festival in the Roxborough “Market Place” to benefit the Roxborough community and promote musicians and musical groups in the area. It features an original illustration of a drum set with the Roxborough Rock formation as the emblem on the base drum. This poster was printed and placed within the shops of vendors to help create awareness of the event. It was also used on flyers and as a direct mail piece. The all day music event featured bands and musicians including Tonight We Rise, TimeWarp, Number 9, Bradford, Saving Juliet, John Saunders Band, Jack Tacet Band, and The Tyler Walker Band. This was the first year the festival created a side stage to showcase area musicians including Danya Chafe, Dominic DeGrande and Megan Haarberg, Da Screech, Craig Meadows, and Kelly Nichols.

Roxborougn is a residential area located in the southwest region of Littleton, Colorado, in Douglas County and is set within spectacular red rock formations at the base of Pike National Forest. One of the most scenic golf courses in Colorado, Arrowhead Golf Club, is set with the Roxborough Park community. The geological red rock formations located here are more than 1 billion years old. This area easily blends together with the mountains and plains to form a unique climate for numerous species of wildlife and plant life. Roxborough State Park, also in the region, offers local residents and visitors a network of hiking and biking trails, cross-country skiing, and sightseeing. The visitor’s center has many educational programs for Colorado geology, wildlife, and history.