Celebrity Lanes

Celebrity Lanes Bowling

These three sets of rough sketches were presented to the client to secure the project. The client wanted some ideas that were contemporary, yet retro, and other ideas that were more like mixing rock & roll with biker imagery. Since the idea behind “celebrity” lanes was to incorporate celebrities in movies and sports, many of the concepts included stars with bowling imagery like bowling balls and bowling pins. Some ideas were made to look retro or vintage with shapes and arrows, and others included flames, wings, and finally sports looking logos.

I also worked up some ideas that were more iconic using bowling images mixed in with the letter C for Celebrity. The client chose the direction of the large star, with smaller stars surrounding it, and Celebrity following an arc with Lanes underneath. I then created the logo as a vector file (Adobe Illustrator) as a base image, then brought the stars, type, and arc into Adobe Photoshop in high resolution. Once the layering effects were created, I presented color variations and variances on the star as gold embossed, and faceted.

The final logo shown was created as a high resolution, large image in Photoshop so it could be used on multiple pieces including the visual identity (business cards, letterhead, envelope), banners, posters, counter cards, table tents, print ads, coupon ads, and the website. This is a client I created branding and marketing pieces for while working at Denver Advertising.

Celebrity Lanes is Colorado’s Premier Bowling and Event Center that opened it’s doors in  2011. It is a family entertainment center located on the northwest corner of Arapahoe Road and Parker. This 50,000 square foot facility includes the Altitude Sports Grill and Taphouse serving the 32 regular bowling lanes, two 4-lane VIP Suites themed after the Colorado Avalanche and Denver Nuggets, and Rocky’s Arcade and Soft Play game room. Celebrity Lanes also offers the view of the Rocky Mountains at its bocce ball courts & patio.

Bowling refers to a series of sports or leisure activities in which a player rolls or throws a bowling ball. In indoor bowling alleys, the target is to knock over pins often played on a flat wooden or other synthetic surface. The most common types of indoor bowling include ten-pin, nine-pin, candlepin, duckpin and five-pin bowling.