Fishes 1

Prismacolor Colored Pencil Drawing

This drawing was created as part of a series of drawings of animal close-ups. The two types of saltwater fish depicted in this drawing are The Butterflyfish on the top and the Clownfish on the bottom. Butterflyfish are known for their beautiful colors – colors that would make even the Discus, a bright freshwater fish, a little jealous. These peaceful fish grow up to 6 inches in an aquarium and up to 12 inches in the wild. Butterflyfish are also usually found in pairs. Clownfish While Clownfish will forever be synonymous with Nemo from Finding Nemo, these are spirited fish and are known for their bright orange hue with white striping. When I create a drawing like this, I like to use squiggles of the colors I have chosen below in the border of the drawing. This paper used is a 12w” x 18h” Canson smooth paper.  Date of drawing: 1999.