Hopper Certified Posters

These posters were created as incentive posters to hang in the call centers and sales offices as an incentive for the sales people to be “Hopper Certified”, which was a certification program employees could attend to learn about and be informed on the Hopper’s abilities and qualities, in order to help with sales calls. I was asked to come up with a series of posters, light humored and fun, to help encourage employees to take the certification trainings.

After creating the Hopper Certified logo, I went to a stock photo website and searched for people who had exaggerated expressions. Once I had downloaded a series of photos, I was able to come up with headline phrases such as those in these posters (like LOL, Ask Hopper Questions, Hopper Does All That?, Even Better Than A Double Rainbow, Get Off Your Roo And Get Certified, Hopper Rocks, and Bob Does His Best Hopper Impression). The headlines, photos, and Hopper Certified logo was placed on 32″ x 48″ posters.